ALDI careers

At ALDI, we believe great rewards begin with our employees. Everyone on our team works with a simple equation in mind: great work, great rewards. Here, you get back what you put in.

We value simplicity, focus on quality, and fairness. We promise to recognise your spirit of enterprise, stamina, and hard work, and in return offer fantastic financial incentives as well as the opportunity to grow personally and professionally in one of the world’s leading retail operations.

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Clear and specific policies
Comprehensive training
Mutual respect between employees

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Flat organisation
Simple and competitive compensation design

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Self-sufficient team
Effective delegation of authority and responsibilities

What can you expect from ALDI?


What you can expect from us
Culture and environment

Discover operational excellence

Exposure to a multicultural and open environment

Young and approachable management

Fast promotion opportunities

High-performance culture


Compensation and benefits

Competitive compensation package

Outstanding medical benefits for employees and dependents

Well-designed orientation programs

Attractive training and vacation benefits

Opportunities to visit our overseas business

Good vacation entitlements

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