2019/8/27 14:14:27

Chinese Valentine’s Day, also known as Qixi Festival, celebrates the love story between the cowherd and the weaver girl in Chinese mythology.

During this festival, couples are faced with a dilemma: what gift should they get for their beloved? Something delicious? A bouquet of flowers? Or by professing their sweet love?

At this year’s Qixi, consumers got the chance to surprise their loved ones with all three when they spend over RMB 200 at any one of ALDI’s online stores from 28 July to 7 August.

Surprise 1: A bouquet of snacks

Surprise 2: Declarations of love on our in-store screen

Surprise 3: Special coupons for Chinese Valentine’s Day

Lovers in Shanghai not only bought ALDI’s products but also took the opportunity to declare their affections to their loved ones through our in-store screens.

From 5 to 7 August, couples gathered at ALDI CHINA’s Jing'an Sports Center Store and Gumei Life Shopping Plaza Store’s pop-up events, where they professed their love to their partners though bouquet of snacks and sweet nothings on the in-store screen.

The event also attracted many influencers from the social media platforms RED and Douyin, who chose ALDI CHINA as the backdrop for their romance.





Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day from ALDI CHINA. May your days be filled with sweetness and joy!