My Life, is a Gift for Myself

2018/12/21 19:52:49

To celebrate Christmas and the holiday season, ALDI CHINA has released its 2018 Christmas video, showcasing a simple story of young professionals in China, working hard to establish themselves in the big city. ALDI hopes to use the warm and motivating message of the story to remind the young Chinese generation that every day they spend working hard for their future, is a precious gift to themselves.

Do you see yourself in this Christmas video? Just like countless other young people struggling in the big cities, chasing ambitious dreams in order to prove themselves, you have also tasted the unrelenting ups and downs that life can offer. In the face of difficult job interviews, demanding work expectations, and the necessity of making ends meet in order to pay for rent, even though you are understandably scared and worried, you are persistent and give it all to building a better life for yourself.


ALDI CHINA is your partner every day of your life, from a high energetic breakfast to start the day right, to a celebratory drink when things go well, to a late-night indulgent snack. Life is what you make of it for yourself, and living a good life is the best Christmas gift you can give yourself. This Christmas, reward yourself for all you have put in.


Live well – shop value for money. Merry Christmas from ALDI CHINA!