2018/9/12 11:43:50

To celebrate "88 Members Day" on Tmall this year, ALDI launched an exclusive "Supermarket of Solutions" to demonstrate its commitment to providing smarter choices for Chinese consumers. Targeting young urban adults including students and professionals, this campaign provides them with solutions to their everyday challenges.

Leading up the launch, ALDI invited renowned talk show host Chizi to play the role of Tmall store manager. He kicked off ALDI’s "Supermarket of Solutions" with a video featuring his unique style of humour.

To add to the buzz around ALDI’s "Supermarket of Solutions", Internet sensation Lamuyangzi also debuted a humourous video. Using imported products in different everyday scenarios, the video shows how consumers can solve their daily challenges and have been well received by younger consumers.

Let’s take a look at just what makes ALDI’s "Solutions Packages" so amazing!

"ALDI Career Advancement Package"

Forresters Pistachios: An Australian delight–a total necessity in your snack drawer in the office.

Lacura Naturals Premium Anti–Aging Eye Cream: For better–looking eyes and greater confidence at work.

Alcafe Aroma Classic: Your shot of caffeine to give you a shot of energy, on your journey to a promotion and a raise!

"ALDI Luck–Changing Package"

Choceur 85% Cocoa: Bitter sweet, to spur you on in life.

Essential Health Pawpaw Ointment: Your weapon against dry skin.

Claire Creek Merlot: Take a break, enjoy a glass.

By associating a problem–solving capability to each ALDI product, ALDI has made it easier for consumers to face the adversities and challenges in their everyday lives. ALDI hopes to continue to engage Chinese consumers through various innovative and creative campaigns in the future.