The hidden powers of ALDI's snacks

2018/5/31 15:06:50

You would usually associate snacks with their delicious tastes and the feelings of joy when sharing them with friends and family at a gathering. But you would never, in your wildest dreams, imagine that snacks can also turn into friendly flirtation devices! ALDI transforms into ‘The Hitch’, expertly utilizing high quality imported snacks as handy tools to turn you into a “Pick-Up Guru”.

In April, as romance fills the air, you would already have been swept off your feet by the charming ALDI Tmall customer associates:

Netizens loved this video of the ALDI Tmall customer associate performing ‘The Hitch-like’ pick up tactics using ALDI’s products. The video has gone so viral that many online influencers have started creating their own videos!

Through this innovative campaign, ALDI was able to reach out to younger audiences by being relatable and speaking their language. Such is ALDI’s strategy when entering the Chinese market – to be constantly evolving to keep up with the times, innovating to better engage the audience and putting our consumers first.