ALDI-style Fun at the Strawberry Music Festival

2018/5/15 15:04:06

This year marked the 7th anniversary of the Strawberry Music Festival in Shanghai, and ALDI was excited to be a part of this event, utilising both online and offline platforms. ALDI has values the meaning of sharing - whether it be delicious food or wonderful moments in life. ALDI’s partnership with the Strawberry Music Festival gave everyone an opportunity to experience ALDI’s values, and a chance to share great moments with family and friends.

Just before the Strawberry Music Festival, ALDI launched an interactive H5 on WeChat "ALDI Takes Me to the Strawberry Music Festival” to encourage young people to pool their enthusiasm for sharing and their love for music. This activity provided everyone a chance to win tickets to the Strawberry Music Festival by forming a ‘virtual band’ with their friends online, customizing their avatars, posters, music genres and name their bands. Through this fun and interactive activity, ALDI was able to showcase its fun and energetic side toward younger consumers.

At the Shanghai Strawberry Music Festival, ALDI created an incredible and eye-catching booth, comprising three sections: a colourful ball pit, a hot air balloon and an energy station. Attendees had an opportunity to take part in fun games while sampling tasty high-quality imported snacks.

An enthusiastic group of photography lovers were attracted to the colourful ball pit – with props such as cute inflatables and oversized heart-shaped buoys. Music-lovers competed against the clock to search for their lucky find. All sorts of ALDI products were on offer - Essential Health Pawpaw Ointment,Tricare Goat's Milk Soap, and Essential Health Vitamin B+C.

Big and spectacular, the hot balloon was the focus of the event. There was a snaking queue of people waiting to have their photo taken in the balloon, holding various specially-designed props in the shape of ALDI products. All these amazing moments were captured by ALDI, and participants could walk away with a printed photo of themselves.

The energy station provided festival-goers with extra stamina, giving them the energy to party through the day at the festival. Over the three-day event, thousands of customers feasted on ALDI’s delicious snacks. Our samples and gifts were flying off the shelves!

Strawberry Music Festival-goers gave ALDI a heartfelt welcome and ALDI was honoured to be a part of everyone’s festival memories. ALDI will continue to adhere to its value of sharing great experiences to enrich more lives.