ALDI CHINA debuts 'Handpicked For You' with a cheeky brand video

2017/8/9 15:02:41

Since it first opened its doors in Germany in 1914, ALDI has established itself as one of the world’s finest and trusted purveyors of quality products. For more than a century, ALDI has been providing its customers around the world with high quality products at great value. This year, ALDI entered in China with the launch of its Tmall Global Flagship store, aiming to provide a brand-new shopping experience for Chinese consumers. 

To announce its presence in China, ALDI launched two new brand videos, introducing its long-held value of ‘handpicked for you’ by personifying the selected quality goods through cheeky stories.
The videos document the daily lives of ALDI experts. They are surrounded by delicious food and drinks, all the time, literally – doesn’t it sound like the most wonderful job in the world ever?
Actually, it takes a lot to be an ALDI expert - endless hard work, 24/7, all year round. It is no easy feat to handpick top quality out of a sea of similar products.

The experts are up before the sun even rises, after that, no matter what they are doing - gardening, or jogging, or having dinner, they always keep a group of lovely nuts close.

Why would they do that? You might ask. It is only through around-the-clock testing, understanding product features under different circumstances, careful observation and screening, can ALDI proudly announce that they handpick high quality products for their consumers.

This way consumers can save valuable time – and even the most indecisive person need not fret. High quality imported grocery products, selected by ALDI’s experts and offered at great prices ultimately saves time and money for the consumers.

Handpicked premium quality products create everyday excitement. All at ALDI.