Touching Holiday Moments "Handpicked For You" by ALDI

2017/12/20 14:48:52

Shanghai, China—Dec 20, 2017— ALDI made its debut in China earlier this year through its flagship store on Tmall Global, offering a range of high-quality lifestyle food products at great value to consumers in China, that includes wine, snacks, coffee and a variety of breakfast products.

With the festive season around the corner, ALDI has launched its first ever Christmas video in China, bringing to life ALDI’s German heritage, alongside holiday moments in China, to string together a series of touching images, sights and sounds. To showcase how ALDI brings people together during the holidays, even across continents, the video features sounds that have been captured at different occasions in different countries. These sounds and moments include the chimes of the Christmas bell in Germany, cheers of jubilance in China, Christmas countdown in Germany and the clinking of wine glasses on the dinner table in China, all communicate the sense of joy, warmth and goodwill across different countries and cultures during the holiday season.

Since its debut more than a century ago in Germany, ALDI has remained steadfast to one principle – providing high quality products at great value. In order to achieve that, ALDI pioneered Exclusive Brands to have maximum control over its range and to present uncompromised quality and safety. A majority of the products sold on the ALDI Tmall Global Flagship store are from its Exclusive Brands, which are specially ‘Handpicked for You’ by ALDI’s team of experts and regularly blind tested to ensure that the products will always be equivalent to, if not better than, market leading brands.