EXPRESSI® Coffee Enters China
Never a bland moment with ALDI's EXPRESSI® range of coffee and drinks

2017/9/18 14:44:55

Enjoy café quality coffee blends and hot drinks at home with ALDI's latest addition, the ultra-sleek EXPRESSI® machines and capsules.

The expert team behind ALDI is constantly innovating and evolving in order to bring the latest technology and products to consumers around the world. Coffee is no exception. Since its debut in November 2011, EXPRESSI® has quickly become one of Australia's top selling coffee machines and has won Product of the Year in Australia this year. Coffee fans in China can now enjoy a cup of perfect blend in the comfort of their homes.

Sold exclusively at ALDI, and available to Chinese consumers at ALDI's Tmall flagship store, the EXPRESSI® Capsule Machine boasts a contemporary and compact design and is available in Titanium or Red.

The secret behind the enhanced EXPRESSI® coffee flavor is the capsule technology, which uses the high pressure of the espresso machine to perfectly tamp the coffee inside the capsule just before the coffee starts brewing. This allows the rich, gradual coffee extraction that creates the perfect espresso pour. The machine comes complete with a 19-bar pump, and can craft a flawless cup of brew in less than 20 seconds.To satisfy all palettes, ALDI has also made available a variety of flavors to ensure that there is never a bland moment through Expressi's new capsule technology. The German-imported range includes four key categories – medium roasted coffee, medium-dark roast coffee, dark roast coffee and flavored drink – through 11 exciting flavors that were created with the help of leading baristas from ALDI that all feature carefully selected beans, perfectly matched to create distinct flavor profiles.

Explore the EXPRESSI® Family

Medium Roast Coffee


·  Created with premium South American Arabica Beans
·  Well-balanced body, smooth acidity and notes of nuts and caramel
·  Intensity 6

Decaffi Dark

·  A medium roast decaffeinated coffee created from the finest South American Arabica beans
·  Rich, full body and fine acidity, comprising intense fruity cassis
·  Intensity 7

Medium-dark Roast Coffee


·  Made of finest Arabica beans sourced from Africa, Asia, the highlands of Central America and South America
·  Medium acidity and delicate rich red berry notes
·  Intensity 8


·  Selected from South and Central America and Africa
·  Rich foam and fruity blueberry notes
·  Intensity 9

Dark Roast Coffee


·  Using premium Arabica beans from South and Central America and Asia
·  A full-bodied intense Italian-style espresso with mild smoky and rich chocolate notes
·  Intensity 10


·  With Arabica beans from South and Central America as well as Asia
·  A creamy, full-bodied coffee with intense dark chocolate notes and pleasant acidity
·  Intensity 11

La Spezia

·  Created with premium Arabica and Robusta beans from Africa, Asia and South America
·  With sweet berry and herbal, spicy notes
·  Intensity 11



·  Created with Asian and South American Arabicas and premium washed Robusta
·  A robust, dark roast coffee with smoky cocoa and roasted notes, and a full, creamy body
·  Intensity 12


·  Selected Robusta from Asia and Arabica from South America
·  A rich, dark-roasted coffee with notes of dark chocolate and a hint of pepper
·  Intensity 13
·  Product of the Year 2017 (Australia)

Milk Based Drinks

Chai Latte 

·  A luscious and exotic creamy tea blend with cinnamon and a sweet vanilla flavour that gives a delicious and silky smooth taste

Rich Hot Chocolate

·  Created with finest blend of cocoa beans
·  Smooth hot chocolate with rich chocolate taste
For coffee lovers with a sweet tooth, EXPRESSI® also provides three flavors of syrup – vanilla, hazelnut and caramel.