Savor the Finest Australian Wines This Fall With ALDI

2017/9/9 14:35:30

When Captain Arthur Phillip anchored off the shores of Sydney Bay in 1788, it is highly unlikely that he anticipated the grape vine he was carrying would sow the seeds for Australia to one day become the world’s fifth largest wine producer. Benefiting from exceptional natural conditions, a rich variety of soils, and determined cultivators who have been relentlessly exploring and innovating, Australian wines have progressed to develop a worldwide reputation for their bold fruity fragrances and soft tannin, a combination that is particularly popular in the Chinese market.

In order to uncover the secrets of Australian wines, ALDI has joined forces with a team of expert sommeliers who have scoured Australia’s vast landscape to uncover the origins of the best wines out of Australia. These are five distinctive Together, we have selected five distinctive wine regions that boast established local roots in winemaking traditions, and have ensured that every step of the production process, from vine to table, is completely traceable.

Barossa Valley —One of Australia’s Best-Known Wine Making Regions

Located in South Australia, the Barossa Valley lies northeast of Adelaide and its history of wine making can be traced back to 1842. The first immigrants to this region were Germans from Silesia, and it is for this reason that the small town of Tanunda maintains many German traditions to this day.

Benefiting from a large temperature difference between day and night, and a warm climate with little rain, the Barossa Valley is one of the best places to produce full-bodied red wines, fortified wines, and white wines that are full on the palate. Almost half of the vineyards in the Barossa Valley produce the Shiraz grape, a dark-skinned fruit that produces wines that are renowned for being robust and rich tasting with a mature tannin, abundant fruitiness, and obvious notes of spices. These wines also age extremely well.

Handpicked for You

The Player Shiraz

· Hand-made with Barossa Valley Shiraz
· Taste: Gentle on the palate with a firm tannin, lightly matured fruitiness, and unexpected subtle notes of blackberries and mint
· Ideal pairings: Roast lamb, steak or dark chocolate

McLaren Vale — One of Australia’s Oldest Red Wine Producing Area

Located south of Adelaide and close to St. Vincent Bay, McLaren Vale boasts a long history of wine making. It has also won worldwide recognition for the local producers’ pioneering efforts to follow environmentally friendly techniques, with many chateaus developing organic and even biodynamic plantations.

Near to the sea, Adelaide enjoys a variety of climates. Approximately half of the yield here is Shiraz, making it the absolute leading star. The Shirazes of McLaren Valley combine dark chocolate undertones with hints of blueberries and various spices to create a full-bodied wine that delivers a sophisticated aftertaste.

Handpicked for You

A.C. Byrne & Co. Shiraz

· Produced from the highest quality McLaren Vale grapes that were harvested in cool evenings
· Taste: Rich and strong flavors blended with luxurious blackberry tastes
· Ideal pairings: Red meat and pasta

Riverina — A Paradise for Pollution-Free Grapes

Calling New South Wales its home, Riverina is the second largest wine-producing region in Australia. The area was formed from the sediment carried by streams from the Great Dividing Range. The Riverina benefits from a warm and dry climate with excellent water quality and produces grapes that are renowned for their high quality, natural and pollution-free.

As a result of the many Italian immigrants who once called Riverina their home, this area of Australia produces plenty of dinner wines and boasts a large number of great chateaus. It is one of the regions from which ALDI has sourced the largest varieties of wines.

Handpicked for You

Little Birdwood Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Merlot

· Rated “Outstanding” by Huon Hooke
· Winestate 2016 Best Value for Price
· Taste: Cabernet Sauvignon creates the structure, while Shiraz and Merlot introduce a full-bodied and luxurious feel to the mouth
· Ideal pairings: Red meat

South Point Pinot Gris

· 2014 Royal Perth Wine Show – Silver Medal
· Taste: Soft tannins with strong fruity fragrance and a light note of minerals
· Ideal pairings: Fish, steak, scallops, and cheese

Margaret River — One of the World’s Most Secluded and Purest Winemaking Regions

Located on the southwest corner of West Australia and surrounded by the sea, the Margaret River is nicknamed the Bordeaux of Australia. Enjoying an oceanic climate with classic Mediterranean water precipitation and a sandy soil that is great for water drainage, the Margaret River offers a balanced proportion of red and white grapes. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are the region’s best wines; they a delicate and firm tannin structure, a strong and sophisticated taste, and great aging potential.

Handpicked for You

A.C. Byrne & Co. Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot

· Margaret River Wine Show - Silver Medal
· Riverina Wine Show - Bronze Medal
· Taste: Rich in berries and plum, with a long-lasting aftertaste with tannin
· Ideal pairings: Lemon sole, red meat, cheese, avocado

Victoria — Where Most Australian Chateaus Call Home

Victoria is the smallest continent state located on the southeastern coast of Australia. Featuring a variety of climates—a torrid continental climate in the northwest and gentle coastal climate in the Yarra Valley—together with a myriad of soil types, Victoria provides an ideal natural conditions in which to grow grapes.

There are currently more than 600 wineries in Victoria, and the area is particularly well known for fortified spirits and sweet wines that are produced on the northeastern coast. These wines are mostly made with late-picked grapes and aged in barrels for months or even years at a time, hence the higher alcohol content.

Handpicked for You

Claire Creek Merlot

· ALDI’s No. 1 selling wine
· Pocketed 59 medals at the 2016 Australia Wine Show
· 2016 Royal Adelaide Wine Show - Gold Medal
· The whole procedure is managed by an experienced and talented team and follows a rigorous aging process of six months in French oak barrels
· Taste: Savory and mellow with rich red berries, plum, and blackberry, along with a delicate oak note
· Ideal pairings: Roasted duck, pasta, and pizza

The Pond Cabernet Sauvignon

· 6 awards that shows its quality
    · Riverina Wine Exhibition 2016 Gold Medal
    · Royal Melbourne Wine Show Silver Medal
    · Sydney International Wine Competition 2015
       The World's 100 Wine Award , Blue-golden Medal
    · Melbourne International Wine Show 2015  Golden Medal
    · PerthRoyal Wine Show 2016 Bronze Medal
    · Royal Adelaide Wine show Bronze Medal
· Fruity, combined with soft black fruit and mixed oak spice
· Ideal pairings: roast meat, spaghetti, beef

ALDI believes that high quality comes from high standards. To become a qualified, suppliers have to pass rigorous tests conducted by an independent institution. From ingredient selection to wine making, a fundamental focus on quality is emphasized at every step of our production process. Our relentless commitment to quality doesn’t end there. Our expert team continues to run regular tests to ensure all products meet our stringent standards on an ongoing basis.