ALDI welcomes three more stores at year end, bringing winter surprises

2024/1/4 11:03:52

As a cold wave came and temperatures dropped. However, despite the bitter cold wind outside, ALDI stores continued to bustle with life and warmth. At the end of 2023, ALDI welcomed the grand opening of 3 new stores -- ALDI Baoshan Bridge Life Store, ALDI Yangpu ChangBai 228 Store and ALDI Songjiang Sijing Store. As of today, there are now 53 ALDI stores in Shanghai, demonstrating the brand's confidence in continuing to expand into local areas for more than four years since it entered Shanghai.

With the opening of the new stores, ALDI has continued to reach out to the local communities with sincere and delightful special offers, bringing winter warmth to more residents. As we countdown to the New Year, ALDI will continue to work hard to provide surrounding residents and consumers with a more time-saving, money-saving and worry-saving shopping experience.

ALDI Baoshan Bridge Life Store, which opened on 16th December, is located in Bridge Life Sports and Culture Park in Gaojing Town, Baoshan District, a new community centre that integrates commerce, cultural creativity, sports and cultural industries. This is the 4th store opened by ALDI in Baoshan, and also the first store in Baoshan to open within the park, providing residents of the surrounding community as well as the people who come to the park to relax or work, with a shopping option that meets their needs for better quality and richer daily commodities. At the same time, it also delivers an upgraded commercial and supermarket experience, adding more vitality and popularity within the park.

ALDI Baoshan Bridge Life Store

ALDI Yangpu ChangBai 228 Store opened on 16th December. It is located in the newly renovated and upgraded 228 Neighborhood in Changbai Xincun Street, Yangpu District. The commercial complex is a cross-street, regional-levelled public service complex, covering the community’s commerce, sports and fitness, culture and entertainment, and life services functions, to meet the diverse needs of surrounding residents with a one-stop solution. The opening of the ALDI store has aided in enhancing lifestyle services within the 228 neighborhood and provided further satisfaction to surrounding residents in their pursuit of a quality life.

ALDI Yangpu ChangBai 228 Store

ALDI Songjiang Sijing Store opened on 30th December. The store is located in the Shanghai Sijing Funland commercial complex. This commercial complex is located at the centreof Sijing residential area. It helps fulfil the needs of surrounding consumers for a quality life and social gatherings. As a one-stop shopping and leisure center, the complex takes into account the diverse choices of consumers from daily life to holidays, leisure and entertainment. As a supermarket at one’s "doorstep", ALDI offers a wide range of fresh fruits, vegetables and daily necessities, meeting the daily leisure shopping needs of surrounding residents and injecting new vitality into the commercial complex.

ALDI Songjiang Sijing Store

Inaddition to new ALDI’s physical stores, consumers can also choose to purchase from online shopping channels such as the ALDI WeChat mini program,, Meituan Takeout and JD Home, for a convenient one-click shopping experience without having to leave the house.

Store Information:

-ALDI Baoshan Bridge Life Store (Launched on November16, 2023)

Address:1st Floor, Bridge Life, 485 Jiangyang South Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

Opening hours:08:00-22:00

- ALDI Yangpu ChangBai 228 Store(Launched on November16, 2023)

Address:1st floor, ChangBai 228, 158 Changbai Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

Opening hours:08:00-22:00

- ALDI Songjiang Sijing Store (Launched on November30, 2023)

Address:B1, Funland, No.399, Sibao Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

Opening hours:08:00-22:00