ALDI welcomes two more stores for good food, fun and shopping

2023/11/30 16:05:06

ALDI welcomes the grand opening of two new stores – ALDI Xuhui Longhua Hui Store and ALDI Pudong Jinxiu Sanchen Lane Store between October and November. This brings the number of ALDI physical stores in Shanghai to 50 as of today, further expanding the coverage of store operations, and providing consumers in surrounding communities with a time-saving, money-saving and worry-saving shopping experience.

The two new stores are conveniently located in commercial areas inside recently-opened shopping malls, that provide multiple consumer activities such as shopping, strolling around, eating, drinking, playtime and interaction between parents and children, and overall a great environment for surrounding residents to spend a leisurely time. ALDI's unique brand characteristics, coupled with a series of generous opening special offers, attracted a large number of consumers to visit the stores to shop, adding a more festive atmosphere to the opening of the new businesses.

ALDI Xuhui Longhua Hui Storewhich officially opened on 4th October is located in the new "Longhua Hui" block of Xuhui District. As Shanghai's first neighbourhood business overlooking a thousand-year-old temple, Longhua Hui combines lifestyle with history and culture, and attracts a large number of people with its open street design and easy access. ALDI's presence in the store provides more high-quality and cost-effective shopping options for the surrounding public and meets the diversified shopping needs of consumers.

ALDI Xuhui Longhua Hui Store

ALDI Pudong Jinxiu Sanchen Lane Store which opened on 18th November is located in the centre of Beicai town within Pudong New District, in the newly-renovated and upgraded commercial area of Sanchen Lane, which is populated by a large number of residents and office workers. The addition of the ALDI store injects new vitality into the one-stop quality community centre in Sanchen Lane, and further meets the needs of surrounding residents as they pursue high quality living.

ALDI Pudong Jinxiu Sanchen Lane Store

In addition to new ALDI’s physical stores, consumers can also choose to purchase from online shopping channels such as the ALDI WeChat mini program,, Meituan Takeout and JD Home, for a convenient one-click online shopping experience without having to leave the house.

Store Information:

-ALDI Xuhui Longhua Hui Store(Launched on October 4, 2023)

Address: S09A, B2/F, Longhua Hui, No.2618 Longhua Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Opening hours: 08:00-22:00

-ALDI Pudong Jinxiu Sanchen Lane Store(Launched on November 18, 2023)

Address: L1-13A, Sanchen Lane, No.3218 Jinxiu Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai

Opening hours: 08:00-22:00