ALDI Fulfilling Hot Pot Season, with real ingredients for great flavour

2023/11/17 15:07:51

As the temperature drops marking the beginning of winter, there is nothing better than heartwarming hot pot at home with family and friends to warm up the season. ALDI Hot Pot Season returns this 8 November with the theme ‘Fulfilling Hot Pot Season’ and the release of a series of high-quality and cost-effective private label hot pot dishes. From a range of regional-flavoured soup bases to various fresh vegetables, dips and seasoning and beverages, ALDI is committed to delivering on its value of private label products and the overall supply chain efficiency, in order to realize the goal of ‘Good Quality, Great Value’ and save money for customers. ALDI strives to enable every food enthusiast to have an affordable and fulfilling hot pot this season.

   ALDI Fulfilling Hot Pot Season

Delicacies in one pot, real ingredients that you can see and taste

Enjoy an unforgettable meal with authentic soup base paired with real ingredients. ALDI has introduced more fulfilling soup bases this year compared to last year, with various side dishes at affordable prices. A pot of assorted delicacies will cost less than 50 yuan andis perfect for 2-3 persons per meal, so there’s no need to worry about overnight leftovers. On the flavour front, ALDI has prepared a diverse range of Chinese specialties ranging from Southern-style Pork Tripe and Chicken Meat Pot with Pepper, Sichuan- and Chongqing-style Golden Sour Bullfrog Pot, and Yunnan- Guizhou-style Kaili Red Sour Soup Seafood Pot, all to satisfy any hot pot lover’s flavour preference and need. You can now taste different kinds of soup bases from various parts of China from the comfort of home.

With our consumers’ growing demand for a health-conscious lifestyle, ALDI has introduced the Pork Tripe and Chicken Meat Pot with Pepper, a classic Cantonese slow-boiled soup that will warm your heart and stomach. This pork tripe and chicken meat soup base contains pork bone broth that is boiled for six hours to create a creamy and nourishing soup. There is no need to add water when boiling, just enjoy the soup with all its rich flavour. The fresh soup base is paired with fresh ingredients, including large pieces of tender chicken thigh, thick pork tripe, red dates, goji berries, yams and many more.

Pork Tripe and Chicken Meat Pot with Pepper

For traditional spicy hot pot lovers, the first thing that comes to mind is a classic spicy red soup. This year, ALDI has ingeniously introduced the Golden Sour Bullfrog Pot to create a new Sichuan- and Chongqing-flavoured soup base. Not just a golden rich soup, ALDI’s Golden Sour Bullfrog Pot also contains 2 and half fresh bullfrogs and diced pickled radish and various veggies to ensure crunchy and spicy enjoyment with each bite. For seafood lovers, ALDI highly recommends Kaili Red Sour Soup Seafood Pot with a soup base brimming with the flavour of fresh tomatoes, recreating an authentic Guizhou Kaili experience. The soup base also contains shelled abalone, large pieces of black tiger prawns and squid that are rich in protein and more appetising when accompanied by refreshing sour soup.

Golden Sour Bullfrog Pot

Kaili Red Sour Soup Seafood Pot

A variety of hot pot ingredients, DIY your warm meal at home

A variety of hot pot ingredients is key when it comes to putting together a delicious hot pot. This year, ALDI has brought a series of new and creative hot pot dishes for consumers to feast their eyes and mouths on.Whetherit is classic sliced beef or lamb, an interesting mixed combo, fresh vegetables or meatballs, everything can be found at ALDI and consumers can easily enjoy a warm DIY family hot pot meal this winter.

In addition to the specialty flavours, consumers are also keen to explore new and interesting hot pot that are delicious and photogenic. Hence, ALDI has introduced two specially crafted creative hot pot platters. Made up of duck blood, tofu and spam, the Cube Platter costs only 16.9 yuan and is presented as a unique red, white and pink cube. Separately, the Shrimp and Fish Paste Platter costs only 29.9 yuan and is made of selected fresh shrimp and fish that have been cut into cute shapes such as stars, penguins, rabbits etc. Healthy and cute, it is perfect for a family hot pot with children.

Cube Platter

Shrimp and Fish Paste Platter

Classic sliced beef and lamb are must-haves for hot pot. As today’s customers are increasingly discerning when it comes to meat quality, ALDI has carefully selected a variety of freshly-sliced beef and lamb, such as chilled sliced beef knuckle, striploin, chuck rib and local white lamb from Chongming island. Head to ALDI to purchase all this high-quality meat, let it soak up the rich flavours from your soup base of choice and enjoy a savoury hot pot experience.

Chilled Sliced Beef Knuckle Striploin

Sliced Local Lamb for Hot Pot

Accompanying dips and beverages, for next-level enjoyment

The secret of a tasty hot pot not only lies in its soup base and ingredients, but also in the variety of delicious dips and refreshing drinks. This diverse combination will take your hot pot experience to the next level.

Green scallion, mincedgarlic,bird's eye chili and cilantro are four essential ingredients for traditional hot pot dips.ALDIhas heartfully crafted a freshly cut Seasoning Platter that requires no washing or slicing, saving time and energy for home hot pot enjoyment.Asfor dips, ALDIhasa classic Beijing Sesame & Peanut Sauce. The careful ratio of ‘20% sesame’ and ‘80% peanut’ enables enjoyment of an authentic Beijing-style sauce at home. The sauce pairs perfectly with any flavour, whether its sour and spicy golden soup, sour soup pot, hot Sichuan flavour pot or original clear soup, adding more enjoyment to any hot pot meal.

Seasoning Platter

Sesame & Peanut Sauce    

Every lively hot pot mealalways bears witness to drinks and joyful toasting and ALDI’s range of specialty drinks and beverages is perfect for this. For your hot pot gatherings, ALDI’s Karlskrone Fresh Craft Wheat Beer is especially recommended with its sealed freshness for 28 days under low temperature. At only 16.9 yuan a 1L can, you can enjoy a refreshing drink while toasting with family and friends. For those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks, ALDI has prepared a chilled Calamansi Honey Beverage, a series of 100%HPP juices and many more to ease the greasiness of hot pot.

Karlskrone Fresh Craft Wheat Beer

Calamansi Honey Beverage

Head to ALDI this winter where regional soup bases, ingredients, dips and drinks are waiting for you, and bring your dream hot pot home. Let’s all have a warm and joyful hot pot meal with family and friends at home, and enjoy a relaxing winter!