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After the Beginning of Autumn, and Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day is around the corner. This Autumn, with its special theme of “Autumn’s Delightful Shopping in ALDI”, ALDI kickstarted an early release of a series of new products and has prepared a thoughtful guide for celebrating festivals. ALDI will bring you a variety of high-quality products at cost-effective prices including special autumn mooncakes, gifts, family feasts, picnic delicacies: here’s to delightful shopping at ALDI every week, and discovering better value for money.

ALDI’s mooncakes embrace both classic and creative flavours

In autumn, the rich aroma of meat mooncakes can always be found on the streets of Shanghai. In ALDI, consumers can also enjoy the freshly baked meat mooncakes every day which boast the traditional Shanghai flavour with a crispy exterior and tender interior. Moreover, ALDI brings creative cheese and beef mooncakes. ALDI selects authentic ingredients like imported Australian beef and mozzarella cheese to offer consumers juicy enjoyment. This year, ALDI rolls out a special uncooked version of these two meat mooncakes, enabling easier access to the same delicacies at home. This autumn, ALDI’s mooncakes will fill consumers’ homes with rich aromas and savoury enjoyment to accompany warm reunions.

Fresh Meat Mooncake (baked fresh)

Cheese & Beef Mooncake (baked fresh)

Pork Mooncake (uncooked)

Cheese & Beef Mooncake (uncooked)

Apart from traditional meat mooncakes, ALDI also has several heartfully crafted traditional Cantonese mooncakes such as black sesame mooncake and dried tangerine peel and red bean mooncake. As classic Mid-autumn delicacies, these have a thin skin on the outside and are full of rich filling within, offering traditional flavours with a lingering aftertaste. What’s more, ALDI continues to delight with two newly-launched mooncakes with innovative flavours: berries and yoghurt mooncake, and matcha and orange mooncake. Made from Thai glutinous rice flour, the mochi filling is soft and chewy and contains rich lava custard. Combine these flavours to add colour and excitement to this traditional festival.

Berries and Yoghurt Flavour Mooncake

Matcha and Orange Flavour Mooncake

ALDI's ideal gift-pairing, good to enjoy and give for Mid-autumn Festival

In terms of gift-giving during mid-autumn festival, consumers are mainly concerned with thoughtful and beautifully packaged good quality gifts. Consequently, ALDI launches private-label trio lava custard mooncake and double yolk with lotus mooncake gift boxes. Made with strictly selected ingredients, the two recreate classic Cantonese flavours and stand out for their exquisite presentation and high quality. As ALDI’s private-label products, they are highly cost-effective and meet consumers’ true needs for mid-autumn gift-giving.

Trio Lava Custard Mooncake Gift Box

Double Yolk Whit Lotus Mooncake Gift Box

Pairing mooncakes with wines creates a unique combination for any mid-autumn celebration. Sweet mooncakes paired with a mellow wine will bring a whole new sense of enjoyment with its palate of flavours. ALDI has always adhered to its high-standard selection of wines. To go with mooncakes, we especially recommend Maison de Rougerie Medoc AOC and Starling Castle Gewurztraminer for their rich and smooth texture. The acidity of wines can perfectly counterbalance the sweetness of mooncakes and add a special aftertaste. ALDI provides consumers with a new way to celebrate mid-autumn festival with friends as you gaze at the moon while enjoying delicious bites of mooncake paired with wine. Whether it’s for gift-giving or treating yourself, ALDI’s new combination will be the ideal choice for this moment.

Maison de Rougerie Medoc AOC

Starling Castle Gewurztraminer

ALDI’s ready-made meals for a diverse family feast

Reunion is of huge significance for Chinese people. Besides mooncakes and gifts, having a mid-autumn reunion and family feast together features prominently in the autumn celebrations. ALDI addresses the inconvenience of time-consuming family dinner preparations with ready-made meals such as the nutritious duck soup with bamboo shoots and ham, chewy eight treasures glutinous rice with red roe crab, and savoury golden ‘Buddha jump over the wall’. ALDI utilises traditional Chinese seasoning and produces high-quality and large-volume ready-made dishes for kitchen novices.

Duck Pot with Bamboo Shoot and Ham

Eight Treasure Glutinous Rice with Crab

Having taken our consumers’ various needs into account, ALDI’s ready-made meals encompass international creative specialties. Characterized by its unique look, the Thai curry chicken with bread bowl mixes large pieces of tender chicken with creamy Thai curry, bringing an authentic Thai flavour to any family feast. Italian style salami and cheese pizza is also a wise choice for all ages. The pizza with string cheese and fragrance offers classic Italian enjoyment in a unique blend of East meets West.

Thai Curry Chicken with Bread Bowl

Italian Style Salami and Cheese Pizza

ALDI snacks, delicious and convenient for picnics

This autumn will witness the confluence of Mid-autumn Festival and National Day, and many consumers may have already sketched out plans for traveling. No matter if it is picnic or trip, ALDI has prepared assorted imported snacks and drinks of high quality for consumers to enjoy on the go. Our one-stop shopping experience at ALDI, covering both sweet and salty kinds, enables you to indulge your desire for eating during long or short trips. In addition to all kinds of goodies, ALDI provides special offers such as 20% off for 2 pieces and buy one get one at 50% off. Shop at ALDI every week and unlock a different surprise each time! Let ALDI accompany you during the whole of golden autumn! From autumn delicacies, gifts, family feast to traveling, ALDI is always there to delight you with high-quality products.

Snack Fun Stack Crisps Original

Moser Roth Delice Collection