ALDI CHINA Celebrates its Anniversary: ALDI's Private Label, Carefully Selected for You

2023/5/25 20:43:38

In May, people are looking forward to a delightful summer. Besides, it’s also a joyful time for ALDI CHINA. On June 7, 2023, ALDI CHINA will celebrate its 4th birthday. In the past four years, ALDI has insisted on the brand concept of "International Quality, Everyday Value." With cost-effective and high-quality private label products, ALDI has won the favour of numerous local consumers. To further satisfy consumers' pursuit of quality life and better interpret the brand proposition, ALDI selects “ALDI’s Private Label, Carefully Selected for You" as the key slogan for its 4th-anniversary celebration. From May to June 2023, ALDI will launch a series of exciting anniversary activities and benefits to celebrate its birthday with consumers.

After four years of development, ALDI has flourished across multiple regions of Shanghai. With continuous innovation and localization, ALDI optimizes its store expansion, product categories, and quality assurance management. Today, ALDI has opened 43 physical stores in Shanghai, covering 13 districts, including Huangpu, Putuo, Xuhui, Jing'an, Pudong and so on. For many Shanghai citizens, ALDI has already become the ideal community supermarket for consumers' daily shopping.

ALDI Anniversary’s Key Visual Poster

Anniversary video series released: Catch-all 5 classic categories at once

Besides affordability and deliciousness, ALDI’s private label also become an essential carrier for consumers to know ALDI's brand and its product. Therefore, for the first time, ALDI launched an Anniversary video series to introduce five main categories of private-label products: ALDI drinks, ALDI bakery, ALDI kitchen, ALDI sweets, and ALDI diary. The videos combine ALDI’s private label with consumers' daily life scenarios by using witty and engaging anthropomorphic creative expressions. While highlighting the advantages of ALDI's private label, the video vividly portrays ALDI's constant attention to consumers' requirements and insists on bringing trustworthy, affordable products to them. The new anniversary video series includes one brand short video and 5 product category video clips, which will be officially launched on May 18 and broadcasted through multiple channels such as ALDI offline stores, ALDI official website, and ALDI official social accounts (WeChat, Weibo, Xiaohongshu and Tiktok). ALDI CHINA sincerely welcomes all fans to watch and share the video on social media.

ALDI’s 4th Anniversary Short Video Series

ALDI’s private label: Global products, international quality assurance, a cost-effective choice

All five classic categories of ALDI’s private label (ALDI drinks, ALDI bakery, ALDI kitchen, ALDI sweets, and ALDI diary) are popular items that ALDI fans have loved during these four years. As one of the representative features of ALDI's global operation, ALDI private label products constantly bring stable-quality products by relying on a solid supply chain and global sourcing resources. Since entering Shanghai, we have kept paying attention to the localization of product research by sticking to ALDI's concept of carefully selected high-quality products. By constantly listening to the needs of local consumers and focusing on the localization of product development, ALDI CHINA continues to provide diverse kinds of cost-effective private label products for Shanghai consumers and let them enjoy the "time-saving, money-saving, worry-saving" lifestyle.

Display of ALDI’s Private Label Products

In addition to striving for innovation, ALDI strictly focuses on the quality assurance level of product management. From product design to final display on the shelf, all ALDI’s private label continuously insist on the principle of "always focusing on the details of goods and refined quality." With the establishment of high-standard quality management procedures, ALDI rigorously abides on every step to ensure consumers enjoy ALDI’s quality products at their convenience.

For all four years, ALDI keep optimizing its purchasing channels and striving to provide consumers with convenient omnichannel services. Consumers can easily purchase ALDI's products no matter where they are. Most of the physical ALDI stores are located in community-based shopping centers, which are easily accessible to consumers. In addition, ALDI also provides fast delivery services and online purchase channels. With a minimum delivery time of 30 minutes, consumers can enjoy ALDI's products anytime, anywhere!

Scan the QR code for shopping on ALDI’s Wechat mini program, with a minimum delivery time of 30 minutes

Enjoy the 4th anniversary sales and special benefits at ALDI

To appreciate the support of our fans and share the joy of the anniversary, ALDI CHINA launches a series of surprising treats on our WeChat mini program and tacking more games mechanics in addition to traditional new member’s benefit. From May 10th to May 23rd, participate in the ALDI recommender campaign by sharing the great value ALDI products you purchase with your family and friends. You can participate in the lucky draw, and there is a chance to win Disney tickets! From May 24th to June 6th, log in to WeChat mini program to receive coupons and buy one get 50% off discount on hundreds of ALDI products. For more anniversary promotions and exciting benefits, please keep paying attention to the ALDI WeChat mini program or visit our offline stores.

“Buy one get one 50% off “Poster

In this special moment, ALDI sincerely thanks every consumer for their support and companionship during the past four years. In the future, ALDI will better meet consumers’ needs through innovation with passion. ALDI will thrive to promote our brand, let more consumers know about ALDI and enjoy shopping experience in ALDI stores.