2023/5/8 21:42:36

As the May Day holiday approaches, ALDI welcomes the grand opening of three new stores – ALDI Cloud Nine Mall Store, openson April 22nd; and ALDI Lite Pudong Ave Store and ALDI Qingpu PanLong Tiandi Store, both of which opens on April 29th. The opening of these three new stores brings the number of ALDI stores in Shanghai to 41. These stores will not only further expand the coverage of physical store operations and promote the localization of ALDI, they also provide a new place for residents from surrounding communities to enjoy international quality products at everyday value by ALDI, and multiple benefits during the May Day Holiday.

Convenient shopping experience through community-oriented localization

Since the opening of the first pilot store in Shanghai, ALDI has committed to growing through community-oriented localisation. Each conveniently located store allows ALDI to reach out to the local community, enabling them to enjoy ALDI’s quality products at their convenience. After nearly four years of development, ALDI now has physical stores in 13 districts including Huangpu, Putuo, Xuhui, Jing 'an, Pudong and Qingpu. The brand new ALDI Cloud Nine Mall Storeand ALDI Lite Pudong Ave Storeare both located in lively business communities, and are well placed to inject vitality into these business centres while bringing convenient shopping experiences to surrounding community residents. It is worth mentioning that Qingpu Panlong Tiandi Store is the first ALDI physical store in Qingpu District, and is unveiled together with Panlong Tiandi, a new commercial landmark in Qingpu District. In terms of design, Panlong Tiandi houses unique icons such as Cross Street, Cheng’s Ancestral Temple, and the Waterfront Business District which have been constructed in an ancient town style of "Ten Scenes of Panlong”, integrating the classical architectural style of Jiangnan water town with modern design elements. The new ALDI Qingpu Panlong Tiandi Store artfully echoes this style. Built by the waterside, the architectural design of Qingpu Panlong Tiandi Store allows consumers to experience the beauty of the south of the Yangtze River while enjoying shopping and a fun time.

ALDI Cloud Nine Mall Store

ALDI Qingpu PanLong Tiandi Store

ALDI high quality private label products

As a retailer from Germany, ALDI has always adhered to "International Quality, Everyday Value", serving the local community by offering quality products at accessible prices. All ALDI private label products are sourced by quality experts. At the same time, in order to continuously optimize ALDI private label products, ALDI constantly listens to the needs of consumers in China, thereby enabling consumers to truly enjoy products worthy of choice and trust. Secondly, ALDI promises high quality products at great value in a setting that is convenient for its Shanghai consumers. Many products are popular among consumers, for example, the high-quality "ALDI Dairy" range by WESTACRE includes fresh milk, yoghurt, sour cream and fresh bocconcini that is rich in variety and affordable, meeting all the diverse needs of consumers. The various baked products from the "ALDI Bakery" range not only provides consumers with a splendid choice for a nutritious breakfast, but also authentic taste and flavors with its German pretzel, butter pretzel stick, Italian-style olive baguette to name a few. The "ALDI Kitchen" hot food selection is also an important element in the localization of ALDI. A variety of exciting hot food products, such as roasted chicken, eel, German-style meatball, German-style pork knuckle and more are tantalizingly displayed in the hot food cabinet. The "ALDI Sweets" range gives sweet-lovers a variety of choices, from gelato to rich-tasting chocolate and delicious desserts. The “ALDI Drinks” range is also a category not to be missed. With a global supply chain and close cooperation with many well-known wineries, ALDI is well placed to provide consumers with a variety of products at advantageous prices, whether it's wine from all over the world, to champagne and sparkling wine or Karlskrone fresh craft wheat beer.

Multiple discounts during store opening

ALDI is delighted to share many opening benefits with consumers to celebrate the opening of the new stores. Consumers who register as new ALDI members and existing ALDI members who have not placed an order within 30 days from the date of registration can enjoy super discount prices of 5.9 yuan/package of facial paper, 9.9 yuan/box of Flowerdale Meadow nutritious fresh eggs, and 7.9 yuan/serving of imported bananas, for 2 days only. In addition, ALDI's drinks, fresh fruits and other categories are on limited time offers. This specially discounted items include WESTACRE fresh milk, chilled Australian grain-fed shank, non-GMO pressed corn oil, and other hot-selling goods. Members who have purchased 99 yuan in a single receipt can receive a free shopping bag; and those who’ve spent over 329 yuan can receive a gift card worth 50 yuan. In addition to ALDI’s physical stores, consumers can also choose to purchase from online shopping channels such as the ALDI WeChat mini program,, Meituan Takeout and JD Home, for that convenient one-click May Day online shopping experience without having to leave the house.

During the May Day holiday, consumers enjoy a pleasant addition to their holiday with the opening of the three new stores. From the end of May to the beginning of June, ALDI CHINA will celebrate its fourth anniversary with various celebrations and surprise benefits that will be held one after another. ALDI believes that with innovation and enthusiasm, ALDI will continue to inject new excitement into more local communities, so that more and more consumers can conveniently enjoy an ideal quality-filled life.

Store information:

ALDI Cloud Nine Mall Store (launched on April 22)

Address: B2029, B2, Cloud Nine Mall, No.1018, Changning Road, Changning District, Shanghai

Opening Hours: 08:00-22:00

ALDI Lite Pudong Ave Store (launched on April 29)

Address: 02-1, B1, Lite Pudong Ave, No.1559, Pudong Avenue, Pudong NewArea, Shanghai

Opening Hours: 08:00-22:00

ALDI Qingpu PanLong Tiandi Store (launched on April 29)

Address: FL107, Yanyu Street, Panlong Tiandi, No.8, Lane 123, Panding Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai

Opening Hours: 08:00-22:00