2023/4/11 15:12:25

In March 2023, with the awakening of spring, ALDI welcomed the grand opening of two new stores – ALDI Jiading Nanxiang Zhongye Xiangteng Store and ALDI Baoshan Garden City Store. The 37th and 38th ALDI stores in Shanghai respectively, both new stores are located in popular commercial complexes, bringing fresh and affordable products and a convenient shopping experience to customers and residents in the surrounding communities. A large number of consumers flocked to both stores on their opening day, attracted by a wide range of high-quality products at competitive prices and a variety of promotional activities – the atmosphere was bustling and cheerful.

ALDI Jiading Nanxiang Zhongye Xiangteng Store

Additionally, a unique art wall,"Four seasons of ALDI" has been unveiled at ALDI Baoshan Garden City Store, marking yet another collaboration between ALDI and young Shanghai illustrator, Li Ningjing. The art wall tells a story of how in the warm spring, ALDI provides snacks and ready-to-eat meals for community residents to enjoy on their spring outings while during the hot summer, ALDI has ice cream and drinks. In the harvest months of autumn, ALDI provides a variety of fruits and fresh grains while in the cold winter, a steaming ALDI hotpot can satisfy cravings and keep all warm. We sincerely hope that this painting conveys an abundance of life and our commitment to always connect the brand with daily life, so that more consumers can experience the variety, surprises and beauty that ALDI has to offer.

ALDI Baoshan Garden City Store

Stay healthy with fresh seasonal products. The new store shelves have been stocked with fresh seasonal ingredients and a variety of spring food and drinks, full of vitality. ALDI is delighted to bring the "taste of spring" to consumers, and welcome spring together with you. In addition to offline stores, consumers can also purchase our products via online shopping channels such as ALDI WeChat mini-program mall, Ele. me, Meituan Takeout and Jingdong Home.

Store information:
ALDI Jiading Nanxiang Zhongye Xiangteng Store (launched on March 11)
Address: 08, 1st-floor, Zhongye Xiangteng City Plaza, Lane 4368, Zhennan Road, Jiading District, Shanghai
Opening Hours: 08:00-22:00
ALDI Baoshan Garden City Store (launched on March 25)
Address: 218-227, 2nd-floor, Baoshan Garden City, No. 2069, Shuichan Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai
Opening Hours: 08:00-22:00