ALDI Spring Season, A Spring Carnival for All to Enjoy

2023/4/3 10:05:34

When trees are filling with vibrant new leaves and budding flowers, spring has arrived as expected, and with it the longing to be free, out and about in nature. The warm spring breeze brings with it the official launch of the 2023 ALDI Spring Season which will continue till the end of April. Numerous colorful new products and multiple benefits will be released throughout this ALDI Spring Season, allowing you to enjoy the joy and beauty of spring to the fullest!

Popular Celebrity Chef Corentin, Shares Some Spring Culinary Delights

It is that time of the year when we enjoy the fresh flavours of spring, with various sprouts and vegetables unique to the season. For the first time ever on March 18, ALDI teamed up with popular celebrity Chef Corentin at the ALDI AI Plaza Store for a unique combination of an interactive livestream and a cooking show, to showcase ALDI’s Spring Season "Taste of Spring" to consumers in-store. Our special guest, Chef Corentin from France, used selected fresh spring ingredients from ALDI to customize four delicious and aromatic dishes that are perfect for spicing up the warm Spring Season.

Dish 1 Cheese and Cold Cuts Platter

When it comes to entertaining friends during a picnic or camping trip, you can't go wrong with agreat-looking, flavourful traditional cheese and cold cuts platter. This platter consists of cheeses such as Westacre Vintage Cheddar Cheese, CREMD’OR Soft Cheese and Grand’Or Emmental, alongside a fluffy Italian-Style Olive Baguette, as well as fruits such as Chilean prunes, large strawberries and mixed nuts. There’s no cooking involved in this easy-to-prepare traditional cold cuts platter, simply slice up what you need, plate it and you’re ready for a picnic. Paired with a glass of Hochheimer Riesling Kabinett to immediately awaken your spring taste buds.

Dish 2 Toon Tofu Meatballs with Three Dips

Chinese Toon is a unique seasonal spring vegetable that is rich in flavor and crisp in taste. When combined with tofu to make meatballs and served with three different sauces – Thai Sweet Chilli sauce, roasted sesame, and tomato ketchup –every bite will deliver a mouthful of spring flavours. Pair it with ALDI Goose Island Loose Goose IPA, with its rich malt flavor and smooth mouthfeel, and experience a variety of flavours lingering on the lips.

Dish 3 Broad Bean Puree with Tortilla Chips

The fresh, full-grained, thin-skinned broad beans make a delicious dipping sauce that goes perfectly with spring snacks. Enjoy it with Snack Fun corn chips while sipping on Schultenbrau Helles beers for an unforgettable taste of spring.

Dish 4 Salami Cups with Pesto and Cheese

This is an easy-to-make small Italian-style snack for spring outings, which is cute, bite-sized and refreshingly delicious. It’s a delightfully shaped cheesy salami cup baked with Milano sliced salami, fresh Bocconcini mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and preserved plum, topped with a dash of pesto. Pair with a glass of Garganega IGT Frizzante for a relaxing springtime experience.

One-stop shopping for all the goodies of spring, play with freedom on your outings

As the vegetation grows lush and the fragrance of flowers fills the air, it's time to gather your friends and family for a picnic and camping trip to enjoy nature to its fullest. With Chef Corentin's four special dishes for ALDI Spring Season, and our fancy and easy-to-packspring snacks, you can easily prepare whole sets of outdoor spring feasts to enjoy this season!

Enjoying delicious and beautiful spring snacks is like taking your taste buds on a stroll in a blooming spring garden. ALDI's Shrimp, Beef & Ham Quiche Combo and Bacon & Egg Tart Combo combine three delicious flavors in one box, combining a salty and flavourful taste along with a cute spring look. The newly-launched Matcha Cream & Red Bean Flavour Rice Ball delightfully blends the sweetness of red beans and the slight bitterness of matcha, for a fresh, creamy and delicious snack. There are lots more surprises and delicacies that will bring more fun and variety to your spring outdoor party!

Enjoy the benefits of ALDI’s spring offers this Spring Carnival

ALDI's spring activities not only let you enjoy the taste of spring at every moment, but also provides you with a carniva of benefits and other special activities for a fun time throughout spring! ALDI’s Spring Season has planned a lottery and other activities, and you stand to win travel vouchers, air tickets and hotels, while experiencing numerous discounts and other surprises, so you can enjoy a wonderful spring!

When you spend a certain amount during the Spring Season, from the beginning of March to the end of April, you stand to receive thoughtful and practical gifts that can help you organise your travel equipment and accompany you on your springtime adventures! In April, we will be launching practical camping equipment, such as tents, canopies, and outdoor trolleys, one after another, making all your essential camping gear accessible with one click. So stay tuned to the latest on the 2023 ALDI Spring Season, and let ALDI accompany you on a fun journey of freedom this spring as we all come together to enjoy seasonal spring vegetables, drinks, outings and a great time together!