Discover Warmth in Winter, ALDI Opens 4 More Stores at Year End

2023/1/5 12:52:13

As we countdown to the New Year, ALDI celebrates the grand opening of four offline shops, starting from ALDI Jingting Tiandi Store in October to the ALDI WuJiaoChang KIC Store, ALDI Xuhui CaoBao SML Center Store and finally ALDI Jiading Powerlong Plaza Store in December. This marks a successful conclusion to ALDI’s journey of development in the Chinese market this 2022.

The opening of these four new stores brings the total number of ALDI stores in Shanghai to 34. In the past three years since it arrived in Shanghai, ALDI has continued to reach out to local communities, bringing international quality and everyday value goods to community consumers. In the coming year, ALDI will continue its efforts to deliver great value at affordable prices to more customers.

(Left: ALDI Jingting Tiandi Store; Right: ALDI WuJiaoChang KIC Store)

(Left: ALDI Xuhui CaoBao SML Center Store; Right: ALDI Jiading Powerlong Plaza Store)

Check out our new stores and enjoy multiple benefits

Just like previous new store openings, ALDI is delighted to bring consumers a full range of sincere opening benefits to reward the love and support of our ALDI fans. During the opening events in December, consumers who register for free as ALDI members will each receive a voucher pack worth RMB 100. With any purchase of RMB 99, members will also receive a free red environmental-friendly bag that’s full of Chinese New Year vibes. Anyone who spends up to RMB 329 will receive an RMB 50 gift card, bringing real benefits and thoughtful offers to consumers, and allowing ALDI fans to enjoy a value-for-money shopping experience.

(ALDI Jiading Powerlong Plaza Store)

Not only that, but during the opening of the new store, ALDI members will be able to enjoy exclusive limited time offers. From imported goodies such as wine and chocolates to everyday essentials such as seasonal fruits and vegetables and fresh dairy beverages, all will be available at exclusive special prices to better meet each consumer’s lifestyle needs. What’s more, with total spending of RMB 800 or more in a month, you can become a Diamond Member and enjoy a 6% discount on all products, at all times and on all orders in the following month! You will also receive a bonus gift when you obtain Diamond Membership for two consecutive months. There are lots more exclusive surprises and bonus points for ALDI members waiting to be discovered.

Quality Goods with Convenient Shopping Experience

Since the opening of the first pilot stores in China back in June 2019, ALDI has always been committed to offering international quality products at everyday value to Chinese customers, and today continues to stand by its promise of providing value-for-money products and quality services. After more than 3 years of growth and development, the number of stores in Shanghai has now increased to 34, and ALDI will continue to expand and open more stores in the Chinese market. In addition to the physical stores, ALDI also offers online shopping channels such as the ALDI WeChat mini-program, ELE.ME, Meituan, and JD Daojia, enabling more customers to enjoy the wonderful experience of online shopping at ALDI.

Store Information:

ALDI Jingting Tiandi Store

Address: 1-14, 1 floor, 1078, Hongquan Rd, Minhang District, Shanghai

Opening hours: 08:00-22:00

ALDI WuJiaoChang KIC Store

Address: 16, B1, KIC, No.316 Songhu Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai (near Daxue Road)

Opening hours: 08:00-22:00

ALDI Xuhui CaoBao SML Center Store

Address: 17-20, B2, SML Center, No.33, Caobao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Opening hours: 08:00-22:00

ALDI Jiading Powerlong Plaza Store

Address: 1055, 1st-floor, Powerlong Plaza, No.1099 Aksu Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

Opening hours: 08:00-22:00