ALDI Is Here to Accompany You with Warmth and Festivities This Christmas

2023/1/4 13:45:05

In December, an exciting festive atmosphere is in the air. Regarded as a treasured store, ALDI is there to take care of your daily needs, and this time of the year is certainly no exception! ALDI presents you with a warm and heartfelt festive season with a selection of delicious food and wine and seasonal Christmas goodies.

Warmth and Festivities for You

Christmas brings with it frosty winter greetings. ALDI wishes to brighten up your days with delightful Christmas gifts while continuing to provide warmth and festivities to make it a heartfelt year-end. A big highlight of ALDI’s Christmas season is the tree-lighting event at the ALDI WuJiaoChang KIC Store, the first Christmas tree-lighting event held by ALDI.ALDI hopes the glittering tree will bring a warm feeling to everyone this December.

There’s nothing better to complete the festivities than the new seasonal ALDI products ranging from decorations to food and drinks. Whether it is a long-awaited gathering with friends and families, or a sweet time with your significant other, or fun-filled play dates with kids,you will always find something at ALDI.

Enjoy the Best of All Worlds Without Leaving Shanghai

It is always difficult to please everyone’s tastebuds at a gathering.That’s why ALDI offers a wide range of options:For cheese lovers, we have Italian Style Cheese Chicken with the rich creamy taste of cheese; for those who enjoy tender beef, our British-style Truffle Flavour Beef Wellington is there to bring you some cheer, with tender beef wrapped in hamand black truffle sauce, layered with rich flavours; our Turkish-Style Lamb Chops and German-Style Sausage Platter will also make your mouth water.With ALDI, you can enjoy the authentic cuisines of different countries without having to leave Shanghai.

Great Wines to Pair with a Great Meal for Balanced Aromas, Colours and Flavours

There is nothing better on a quiet winter evening than a sumptuous meal with a good wine to make any atmosphere even more harmonious and welcoming. A crisp Monsigny Champagne pairs with shellfish to bring out the sweetness; warm up a wintery night with a sunny Riesling; a Maison De Rougerie Saint-Emilion AOC with its rich aromas of red fruit, pairs greatly with steak and lamb chops to make your Christmas celebrations a little more lush, as the aromas of the wine ease and pair with the richness of meat. You can also enjoy a glass of warm KIPU Mulled Wine, a delightful mix of spices and rich fruity notes that will splash cheerfully into your glassand fill the room with its warm festive aroma.

Playful and Delicious Desserts

Don't forget to stock up on colourful and creative desserts to make your winter nice and cozy. Pop a MONARC Chocolate Santa Gift Bag on the coffee table to instantly add a playful touch of lightness to the house; Winternacht spiced almond biscuits are fragrant and crunchy, with delicate patterns that are pleasing to the eye; add some hot milk to our Chocolate Bomb Little Bear Gift Set to get a surprise reveal of little marshmallows and enjoy its smooth, creamy taste; our classic Italian dessert, the MONARC Panettone Raisins Butter Cake has a soft and creamy texture, and is the perfect afternoon tea or after-dinner choice.

Festive Christmas Decorations to Add Some Romance

In addition to the delicacies, ALDI has also prepared Christmas decorations to provide that festive feeling to your home. In addition to Christmas trees and colourful Christmas wreaths, you will also find our Xmas Tree Cup and cute and brightly-coloured Christmas Glasses. We’ve put our hearts in the details so everyone’s Christmas will be full of warmth and joy this winter!

This December, ALDI also has other delights to offer up in addition to the Christmas season, with ALDI Caobao SML Center Store and ALDI Jiading Powerlong Plaza Store opening soon. ALDI is committed to continuing to provide great products at great value for everyone this winter, making it easier and more convenient for consumers to enjoy a quality life, while adding more liveliness to surrounding communities.