ALDI Hotpot Season: Great ingredients to satisfy your cravings

2022/11/18 11:39:01

Korean Style Hot Pot, Thai Style Tom Yum Kung Seafood Pot, Hainan Style Coconut & Wenchang Chicken Pot, Pork Tripe & Chicken Meat Hot Pot Platter and more - enjoy the warmth of food and good company while dipping tasty ingredients in the bubbling soup. ALDI launches its hotpot season with the theme “Great ingredients to satisfy your cravings”. The season provides a one-stop shopping experience of various authentic hotpot ingredients and hot pot flavours with unique characteristics of different places. Hotpot foodies are guaranteed full bellies and happy hearts.

ALDI offers a convenient and efficient online and offline shopping experience. Come and visit a physical ALDI store to personally purchase good quality and generous portions of hotpot ingredients. Alternatively, you can easily place an online order for a hotpot “family” of soup bases, ingredients, dips, desserts, and drinks to enjoy at home.

ALDI Hotpot Season

The theme of “Great ingredients to satisfy your cravings” captures the essence of hotpot. Regardless of your preference for northern or southern palates, sweet or salty flavours, a variety of delicious soup bases and ingredients can all be experienced in one pot. Even hotpot lovers with picky tastebuds can share and enjoy the wide range of specialty hotpot bases at ALDI.

The Hainan-style braised chicken in coconut is popular for its refreshing and light flavour. With sweet coconut water and WENCHANG chicken, the pot will comfort your stomach in autumn and winter. The spicy beef bone hotpot platter is thick and meaty, and all it takes is one bite to warm you from your throat to stomach. As for the pork tripe & chicken hotpot platter, the peppery soup base is rich yet well balanced, and a sip of the soup may make you sweat just a little. There is also a seafood platter filled with a selection of quality seafood and vegetables to bring you the “taste of the sea” at home.

For anyone who prefers creating their own unique winter hotpot, ALDI also offers a wide range of dishes including meat, seafood and meatballs, and a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and desserts to help you create your own home-style hotpot.

The hotpot staples of frozen US Angus beef slices and frozen Australian sliced lamb rolls are great meaty pairing for any rich soup base. Frozen raw white prawns are freshly frozen to preserve the tender flesh. And you can also choose from a selection of cheese fish balls, beef meatballs and a variety of raw ingredients to satisfy every bite. There are also desserts such as chocolate & sea salt cheese ice mochi and osmanthus flowers with rice dumplings to soothe you after a “rich and heavy” hotpot meal.

You have got the delicious soup bases and various ingredients, so why not complete your hotpot experience with a beautiful, high-performance multi-purpose pot? The CROFTON Cast Iron Dutch Oven features a self-circulating shower lid which provides even 360-degree heating, which brings out the original freshness of the ingredients via the heat circulation in the pot. The joy of the home-cooked hotpot simmers away with delicious food in a beautiful pot, making anyone go “I love it!”.

From 16th November to 22nd November, ALDI is also launching ALDI xBrut Cake Co-Branded Hotpot Plates, which conveys warmth and emotion through the original handcrafting alongside hand-painted smiley faces. With every order over 329 RMB, consumers will receive this set of collectible co-branded hotpot plates for free.

ALDI xBrut Cake Co-Branded Hotpot Plates

Great ingredients to satisfy your cravings! ALDI Hotpot Season helps you achieve the “hotpot freedom” at home with a one-stop shopping experiencethat replicates the experience of being at a hotpot restaurant with friends. There are so many hotpot combinations to choose from, come and discover them now at ALDI.