ALDI Welcomes SuHeWan Mixc World Store and Paints a Better Life

2022/10/20 17:43:50

On 13 October 2022,ALDI SuHeWan Mixc World store officially opened its doors and held its grand opening. This is ALDI’s 30th store in the Chinese market. The new store is yet another milestone to mark ALDI’s continuation of its consistent positioning as a community supermarket that brings international quality and everyday value goods to community consumers via its physical shops and online platform. The new store is located in Shanghai SuHeWan Mixc World, where diverse cultures converge. The "ALDI Community Art Wall" both in the store’s interior and exterior further emphasises ALDI's vision to constantly reach out to the local community and explore good quality life.

ALDI SuHeWan Mixc World Store

ALDI Meets SuHeWan—An Amazing Journey Through Modern and Historical Shanghai

This was the first collaboration between ALDI and young artist Vikki Zhang, who was invited to create the "ALDI Community Art Wall" themed‘ALDI Meets SuHeWan - An Amazing Journey Through Modern and Historical Shanghai’. As you stroll across the promenade, a vivid and interesting story unfolds before your eyes –ALDI’s best-selling products such as the Croissant, German pretzel, German style sausage and sparkling wines are depicted as international tourists who journey across the ocean before finally arriving at Suzhou Creek, Shanghai. Upon disembarkation, they visit various historical buildings along Suzhou Creek and have an amazing time, all while enjoying the rich atmosphere of old Shanghai. Inside the store, visitors pose and record the adventure in the form of family portrait.

ALDI SuHeWan Mixc World store is located on the banks of the century-old Suzhou Creek. As the mother river of Shanghai, Suzhou Creek is the backbone of various historical landmarks and cultural memories. With Suzhou Creek forming the main lifeline, the illustration tells a delightful story of the encounter between ALDI and SuHeWan Mixc World through the use of delicate, classical brushstrokes and symbolic characters. Passing consumers follow the story like an old-school comic which also includes characteristic ALDI elements such as ‘ALDI’s Candy House’ and ‘ALDI’s Kitchen’ in a unique interpretation of ALDI’s integration with local culture alongside the richness of old Shanghai culture.

"ALDI Community Art Wall"(Exterior Wall)

"ALDI Community Art Wall"(Interior Wall)

ALDI also invited an old friend, young artist Ningjing Li, for yet another collaboration. This time, Ningjing Li’s creative and beautiful illustrations were used on bay signage in ALDI SuHeWan Mixc World store to indicate the different product categories such as breakfast, drinks, beer, meat and dairy products. The light-hearted and gentle colour scheme injects the products with a touch of liveliness and childlike playfulness, making the shelves of the new store more kindly, intimate, and dynamic.

Bay Signage Artwork—Fruit & Vegetables

Bay Signage Artwork—Daily Cooking, Delicatessen, Imported Gourmet & Dairy

Grand Opening Sale, Multiple Surprises are Ready

To celebrate the opening of ALDI’s 30 th store, as well as to thank fans for their continued support and love, from 13 October to 16 October, consumers can get a voucher package valued RMB100 upon registration for an ALDI membership. With the membership, consumers can receive a free eco-bag when they purchase over RMB99. In addition, ALDI is also introducing a brand-new beneficial service in which consumers can receive a special gift card worth RMB50 on purchases over RMB299. All these offers and services enable our consumers enjoy real savings. Each customer can also enjoy a Diamond Membership for the month with any purchase amount, with multiple Diamond Membership offers for all.

Meanwhile, ALDI also launched its 30-Day Fresh Milk Plan. Between 17 October to 15 November, simply log-on to the ALDI WeChat mini-program and select the ALDI SuHeWan Mixc World store, and you can receive onefree fresh milk voucher worth RMB5 exclusive to the store, which can be used for 5 different types of refrigerated milk. This thoughtful and considerate initiative helps ALDI meet the daily needs of its fans while reinforcing ALDI's care for its consumers. ALDI also has selected specialties from all over the world such as German Style Meatball, Tiramisu Cake and Karlskrone Wheat Beer in addition to a wide variety of authentic flavours which are all worth returning for. Come and try them at ALDI SuHeWan Mixc World store!

(ALDI SuHeWan Mixc World Store)

ALDI quality, convenient and affordable

Since the opening of the first pilot stores in China back in June 2019, ALDI has always been committed to offering international quality products at everyday value to Chinese customers. Today, it continues to stand by its promise of providing value-for-money products and quality services. After more than 3 years of growth and development, the number of stores in Shanghai has now increased to 30, and ALDI will continue to expand and open more stores in the Chinese market. In addition to physical stores, ALDI offers online shopping channels such as ALDI WeChat mini-program, ELE.ME, Meituan, and JD Daojia, enabling more customers to enjoy the wonderful experience of online shopping at ALDI.

Store Information:

ALDI SuHeWan Mixc World store (Launch Date: 13th October 2022)

Address: LG206, SuHeWan Mixc World, 100 North Fujian Road, Jing 'an District, Shanghai

Opening hours: 8:00-22:00