A Gastronomic Journey with ALDI’s Season of Chinese Flavours

2022/10/19 15:53:11

ALDI’s season of Chinese flavours returns this fall! This time, we are delighted to bring to you the ALDI Fair of Chinese flavours – an exciting and immersive offline event that will bring you a selection of local Chinese delicacies, enabling everyone to enjoy various national flavours without stepping one foot out of Shanghai.

ALDI’s Season of Chinese Flavours

By gathering all the amazing delicacies across the country under one roof, ALDI’s Chinese flavour season always aims to bring consumers the “Various Flavours of China” experience. This year will be no different – from unique Northwest noodles and meat buns to exquisite and spicy Southern-style noodles, to traditional Eastern China style pastries and various snacks – ALDI has everything a Chinese foodie craves, and you can even enjoy them from the comfort of home.

For the Chinese noodle enthusiasts, ALDI presents a selection of local noodles – the Instant Noodles collection features the classic Shanghai scallion, spicy Sichuan and Chaoshan Sha Cha flavours alongside playful mahjong terms; the Suzhou-style noodles harken back to a craft that is centuries-old; there’s BIANGBIANG Xi’an Noodles that are specially wide to retain the Shaanxi tradition, and there’s also the delicious Lanzhou Beef Noodles and Guangxi's special Snail Rice Noodles – all waiting for you to sample at your leisure.

When visiting loved ones on National Day … make wonderful gifts that are both traditional and elegant. The handmade Red Bean Paste & Red Date Paste paired with the N12 Orange Peel Tea provide that extra sweetness to gatherings with family and friends, guaranteed to make quality time even more enjoyable.

To showcase the local specialties from different regions, ALDI offers unique Chinese products originating from northern and southern China: from the Tyurin Ridaus red sausage of the Northeast, the Shaan Xi cumin-flavoured beef & stewed pork buns, the Henan hot pepper soup from the Central Plains to the Nanjing salted duck, as well as Shanghai-style vegetarian delicacies and smoked fish. It’s like taking your tastebuds on a gastronomic trip throughout China.

In addition, ALDI also released special bonuses for all new and existing customers. From 14 September to 11 October, ALDI members will receive an ALDI trolley worth RMB 199 for any spending over RMB 599 – perfect for your National Day shopping. From 28 September to 11 October, ALDI members who spend over RMB 299 will receive an ALDI customized enamel cup.

At this time every year, ALDI always offers a wide selection of Chinese flavours to take your tastebuds on a trip across China without ever having to leave Shanghai. Come and visit our stores and let’s embark on a delicious journey with ALDI products!