Savour Food and Enjoy Summer with ALDI!

2022/7/18 19:34:29

The rising temperature in Shanghai is being accompanied by the return of a wide range of delicious food choices to our daily lives. In this heatwave, how do you plan to keep cool and adapt to the changing weather while staying energetic and keeping your tastebuds satisfied? Come and check out ALDI’s SUMMER ESSENTIALS! What’s more, we’ve got ALDI Bear, ALDI’s new friend who will be on hand to serve you as our official Summer Gourmet Ambassador. ALDI Bear is delighted to provide recommendations of seasonal delicacies based on the ancient wisdom of which foods to consume at specific times of the year, for you to enjoy a lovely summer.

Let Seasonal Delicacies Rejuvenate Your Summer Energy

Has the summer heat made you fussier when it comes to food? What and how to eat seems to be the question on everyone’s minds during summer. ALDI recently launched its SUMMER ESSENTIALS which is guided by ancient wisdom and philosophy about choosing the right foods at the right time. Meanwhile, ALDI Bear recommends ALDI's summer food combinations according to the seasonal changes, ensuring your tastebuds can adapt and stay satisfied throughout summer whether it’s the East Asian rainy season,‘Slight Heat’,‘Great Heat’ or the ‘dog days’ of summer (also known as the hottest days of the season)!

The hot and humid East Asian rainy season has just passed, but the high temperature remains. Don't worry, ALDI has put together all kinds of seasonal delicacies to satisfy your appetite. During the dog days, a light Vietnamese Style Shrimp Spring Roll alongside our seasonal crunchy and juicy watermelon will help fight the stifling heat. When ‘Slight Heat’ arrives, try pairing ALDI’s German Style Meat Ball with KARLSKRONE Wheat Beer. The rich texture of meat combined with iced beer will add delight to any home party. And of course, all these delicious delights will be here to stay during the dog days. If you feel like some added sweetness, CAPRIS Marine Dry Sparkling Wine and ALDI's juice jelly and ice cream will definitely make you love this summer.

ALDI Seasonal Combo Recommendations

ALDI’s New Release Will Cool Your Summer

Ice cream to relieve the heat is a must for summer. This year, ALDI launched its private labelled Gelato, a signature Italian dessert, bringing you the taste of an authentic Italian ice cream which you can enjoy in the comfort of home. Whether it’s a cosy afternoon alone or a sharing moment with your families and friends, a scoop of Gelato (or two!) is always a refreshing and delightful addition to any summer day. ALDI's new 7 Gelato flavours are made from a carefully measured and well-balanced base of fruit puree, pure milk or soy milk. All our Gelatos incorporate finely selected premium ingredients. Their rich flavours and thick yet silky textures deliver a balanced combination of quality ingredients and fine Italian flavours. As the ALDI Bear says,"A gelato is like ice cream's more refined cousin!"

7 flavours of URBAN EATERS Gelatos

Moreover, to provide more opportunities for ALDI’s followers to interact with ALDI Bear, consumers who purchase ALDI’s URBAN EATERS Gelatos between July 1 to August 9will receive an ALDI Bear fan (summer limited edition!). We also invite you to participate in the "Looking for ALDI Bear" interactive activity by sharing a photo of yourself with any ALDI Bear in ALDI’s physical stores along with the hashtag #FoundALDIBear or by posting 7 different designs of ALDI Bear wobblers with the hashtag #ALDIBearOutfits, and you stand to win some wonderful gifts!

Tasks of "Looking for ALDI Bear" for You to Unlock

In addition to all these wonderful summer delights, ALDI has also launched five new beers which are perfect for any summer occasion. Karlskrone Strong Beer has a pure and dry taste with 7.2% alcohol content, a delight for those who enjoy a little kick in their drink. If you prefer something lighter but still want to experience the rich wheat flavour, Karlskrone non-alcoholic beer produced by German de-alcoholisation technology is the perfect choice for you. Karlskrone Craft Fresh Wheat Beer and Karlskrone IPA Craft Fresh Beer both adopt high-quality German brewing technology and are sealed for freshness for up 28 days when stored under low temperature. An efficient cold-chain delivery system also helps to preserve the original fresh flavour. The newly launched Schultenbrau Helles is also a good choice for beer lovers with its refreshing taste and tempting malty aroma.

ALDI Newly Launched Beers

So, enjoy the hot season with ALDI’s selected seasonal goodies which are guaranteed to brighten up any day and add cheer and excitement to all your summer activities. Let’s all spend the wonderful summer months ahead with ALDI Bear!