2022/6/18 11:52:10

2022 marks ALDI CHINA’s 3rd year in China since the official opening of the first two physical stores in Shanghai since 2019. As a global brand with a German heritage that goes back with more than 100 years’ history, ALDI serves millions of consumers across four continents through its over 10,000 stores worldwide. Since ALDI’s entry into the China market, we have been committed to bringing international quality products at everyday value to Chinese consumers. ALDI has continuously built on consumer insights, channel expansion, product assortment, and membership management to better serve local communities and is now a widely acclaimed and important part of the daily lives of many Shanghai residents.

In just three years, ALDI has flourished across many districts of Shanghai and opened 26 physical stores.

Love Shanghai, Always!

ALDI Jing’an Sports Center Store and ALDI Gumei Life Plaza Store officially opened on June 7th, 2019

ALDI Gumei Life Plaza Store

ALDI Jing’an Sports Center Store

Love for Community: Providing a Friendly and Caring Shopping Experience

ALDI is committed to growing in China through community-oriented localisation and innovation. When ALDI was looking for location, we ensured that the stores were within close proximity to both residential districts and office areas to be a neighbourhood grocery store to supplement customers’ lives on their way to and from work with our Ready-to-Eat and Fresh Produce categories. As such, ALDI has opened community-side stores in 11 districts in Shanghai including Pudong, Putuo, Xuhui and Jing'an to provide easy access to quality ALDI products to an ever-increasing number of consumers.

As our number and coverage of stores increased, ALDI has voluntarily shouldered the responsibility for supplying the local community. During the recent coronavirus outbreak in March, ALDI truly delivered on this promise to its local communities and strived to the utmost of its capabilities to meet the people’s urgent needs for daily necessities. Faced with the challenges of limited delivery capacity and product distribution, ALDI demonstrated flexibility and agility by adopting centralised distribution and group-buying to supply residential areas in neighbourhoods close to ALDI stores. As of the end of May, ALDI has successfully provided centralised distribution services to over 600 residential areas in Shanghai via more than 300 ALDI WeChat groups with 25 ALDI stores. ALDI, together with public welfare organizations such as the Food Bank and Ai You Foundation, has sent necessities to the elderly and orphans with congenital conditions – humbly spreading some love and hope to bring a bit of warmth during difficult times.

During the outbreak, ALDI adopted centralized distribution and group buying services for the surrounding communities

ALDI’s products and services have received widespread recognition and praise from consumers with whom we have gone through many challenges together. In a letter of appreciation received from one of our Diamond Members, the satisfied consumer wrote,“I love the fresh groceries and bakery of ALDI. During this lockdown, the affordable, high-quality food of ALDI via group-buying provided much needed and timely help for our community”. Another consumer wrote,"Even during such a special period, ALDI staff not only safeguarded the supply for our community but also strived to provide us with a pleasant shopping experience. On behalf of our community, I want to express our thanks for your dedication". We received many similar words of thanks, and they comforted and motivated us when we heard that we were able to resolve the urgent needs of our communities with our hard work and supplies. Now more than ever, ALDI is committed to continuously providing quality services and to building a better life for everyone.

Love for Good Tastes: Providing High Quality and Well-selected ALDI Food

In addition to ensuring the high quality of our products, ALDI continuously optimises our exclusively branded products to deliver products worthy of choice and trust to its consumers. It is worth mentioning that ALDI food products are not only rich in variety, but also innovative. By taking into consideration the habits and preferences of local consumers, when consumers come to ALDI for daily meals, quick meals for work, energy snacks, healthy foods, and party bites, ALDI stores always have something to offer to our communities.

In June, as the normal life slowly resumes in Shanghai, we have brought back a variety of classic ALDI delicacies including our German Style Lemon Garlic Rosemary Flavoured Roasted Chicken and Japanese Tuna & Teriyaki Beef Sushi Roll, which are the great choices when you are craving some meat but want to be spared the hassle of cooking. Our Pretzel Butter Croissant Bread and Westacre A2β-Casein Fresh Milk are a good combination for a nutritious breakfast and a good way to kickstart your day with some texture and sweetness. For those with busy schedules, our BELMONT BISCUIT Chocolate Chip Cookies and MOSER ROTH 85% Dark Chocolate are the great snacks for a quick and delicious refuel. We also cannot wait for you to try the new Barley Leaves & Apple Oats Cup, Coffee, Cheese & Fruit Oats Cup, Italian Style Prawn Salad with Vinaigrette, Pfalz Dornfelder Barrique Qba, and all our other delicacies. Celebrating a party? Come check out your local ALDI for more pleasant surprises to complete any celebration and gathering! With ALDI’s variety of food and beverages, there is something to meet every taste.

ALDI Classic Cuisine

ALDI Classic Snacks

ALDI Light Meals

ALDI Drinks

Love for Loyal Members: Providing Benefits and Value with Warmth

Since its entry into China, ALDI has committed to bringing more heart-warming benefits to consumers. In 2019, the official launch of the ALDI WeChat Mini-programme was followed by the launch of the ALDI membership programme. In this programme, consumers can register as an ALDI member for free without any pre-requisites and enjoy various benefits such as Super Savers, double points on Tuesdays, coupon redemption and more. ALDI has gained a strong following and praise from loyal followers with this convenient and rewarding membership system.

In order to strengthen the connection with members and further meet the needs of consumers, ALDI organizes WeChat follower groups in which Xiao Ao (an online shopping assistant) can provide instant replies to customer queries as well as provide timely updates about discounts and offers.

ALDI has also launched exclusive benefits for Diamond Members who spend over 800 RMB in one calendar month. This includes a 6% discount-per-order in the following month, additional gifts, flash sale, diamond redemption, overtime compensation, and exclusive customer service.

To thank members for their long-term trust, ALDI has extended the membership benefits of customers by another month, as such ALDI Diamond Members in March can continue to enjoy their rights and benefits all through June.

ALDI Diamond Members enjoy 6 benefits

Through its unwavering efforts over the years, ALDI has sown the seeds of love, and this love will continue to flourish. ALDI sincerely thanks every consumer for their trust and support, and will continue to exert its brand advantages in the future, with the hope that this will improve all consumers’ lives for the better.In June, with life in Shanghai gradually returning to normal, ALDI looks forward to consumers once again experiencing the joy of offline shopping to hear our sincere "Welcome to ALDI!" in all our stores.