2022/3/14 16:29:48

On March 12th, ALDI welcomes two new stores with the opening of ALDI Damuqiao Store and ALDI Golden Street Store. With Spring as the main theme across product offering and store decoration, shoppers will be able to shop for all their daily necessities and more for a wonderful start to the new season. Consistent with ALDI’s brand philosophy, the two new stores will offer international quality products at community prices, bringing greater convenience and benefits to the communities in Xuhui and Changning District

(ALDI Damuqiao Store)

(ALDI Golden Street Store)

New Stores Opening with More Benefits

ALDI has prepared many irresistible offers as part of the grand opening of ALDI Damuqiao Store and ALDI Golden Street Store.Customers who register for the complimentary ALDI membership for the first time on the day of the opening stand to receive shopping vouchers worth RMB100 and a folding shopping bag or a piece of snack. Members will receive a free storage jar with any purchase over RMB169, and a shopping cart with any purchase over RMB299. Available while stocks last.

(ALDI Damuqiao Store)

The opening of the new store also brings multiple exclusive benefits for ALDI members. From March 12th to 13th, ALDI popular drinks and fresh fruits will be at special prices. If you spend a total of RMB800 or more in the same month, you'll receive a Diamond Gift Pack, which offers 6% off to all products, all times and all orders for the following month! Consumers who have obtained the Diamond Membership status in March will enjoy a double discount on any purchases made in April! Don’t miss out on these great deals and be sure to also check out ALDI’s popular snacks andfoods!

(ALDI Golden Street Store)

Quality Goods and Convenient Shopping Experience

Since the opening of the first pilot stores in China back in June 2019, ALDI has always been committed to offering international quality products at everyday value to Chinese customers. Besides the 26 physical stores across Shanghai, customers can also experience the best of ALDI shopping through ALDI WeChat mini-program, ELE.ME, Meituan, and JD Daojia.

Store Information:

ALDI Damuqiao Store(Launch date: 12 March 2022)

Address: B2008-9, B2 floor, No.18, Damuqiao Street, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Opening hours: 08:00—22:00

ALDI Golden Street Store (Launch date: 12 March 2022)

Address: 1&3, 1st floor, No.776, Golden Street, Changning District, Shanghai

Opening hours: 08:00—22:00