2022/1/27 19:00:26

In conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities, ALDI is excited to celebrate the season by showcasing the great flavours of classic Shanghai. Carefully curated to enrich every meal during the festive season, ALDI’S ‘New Year Classic Shanghai Flavours’ promotion will shine the spotlight on a selection of Shanghai delicacies and includes special offers on a wide variety of premium New Year delights.

While every new year is different and special, the flavours of classic Shanghai dishes always brings a sense of feel-good nostalgia. ALDI’S ‘New Year Classic Shanghai Flavours’ offers indispensable dishes –such as the famous Shanghai Eight-Treasure duck with aromatic duck brine, tasty and non-greasy Shanghai-style pork knuckles which are all carefully and conveniently prepared to make it easier for shoppers to have a great New Year's feast in the comfort of their own home.

Other mouth-watering delicacies such as Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, Turkish-Style Grilled Lamb Chops and Abalone and Gelatinous Chicken are also available at all ALDI stores. Festive and premium gift sets such as the Chinese Deli Gift Box, Chinese Dim Sum & Deli Gift and Hamper Basket will offer shoppers with more options and convenience when shopping for the season.

ALDI’S ‘New Year Classic Shanghai Flavours’ promotion is also a great time to try out new ideas, flavours and food pairing. For example, the ‘Tiger’ and ‘Billion’ wine blind box contains 12 different surprises and wines, making every occasion and meal a new experience. As always, there are also plenty of delightful fruit gift boxes and chocolate products for shoppers to pick from to make this Chinese New Year extra festive.

As a century-old supermarket from Germany, ALDI is committed to providing international quality products at everyday value to our customers, adhering to the business philosophy of value for money. With the increase of the offline stores, ALDI will open more stores in many communities and provide you with a better life. In this joyful festival, ALDI also hopes to provide the classic Shanghai New Year taste for the consumers and wish every one of you to spend a flourishing and happy New Year with your families and friends!