2021/10/1 20:50:32

It has been a busy few weeks as ALDI unveiled two more exciting new stores-ALDI Dahua Tiger City Store and ALDI Yanji Store, bringing international quality and everyday value goods to community consumers. Also, ALDI Community Art Wall was also unveiled in Dahua Tiger City Store. ALDI Community Art Wall is a space allocated to celebrate the unique characteristics of the local community. The art work of local artist depicts the bygone era of classic Shanghai as well as the current and dynamic lifestyle in a creative way, breathing life into the surroundings with bright colours and warm imagery. The Yanji Store, which opens on October 1st, the location is still close to residential area, committing to providing a fresh, accessible and convenient shopping experience for consumers.

 (ALDI Community Art Wall in Dahua Tiger City Store)

New Store Opening with More Great Value

In conjunction with the stores opening and in appreciation of the long-term support of our shoppers, ALDI is offering several benefits during the opening period! In addition, after signing up for a free membership, you will receive an ADLI RMB100 voucher package and a folding shopping bag or a piece of snack. Members of ALDI will also receive a free eco-bag with any purchase over RMB99, a free picnic mats with any purchase over RMB169 and a shopping cart with any purchase over RMB299.

From October 1 to October 2, ALDI will be offering exclusive offers on ALDI wines, fresh fruits and more. Plus, if you spend a total of RMB800 or more in the same month, you'll receive a Diamond Gift Pack, which offers 6% off all products, all times and all orders for the following month! Shoppers who have obtained the Diamond Membership status in September will enjoy a double discount on any purchases made in October! Don’t miss out on this great deals and be sure to also check out ALDI’s popular snacks and hot foods!

Quanlity Goods with Convenient Shopping Experience 

Since the opening of the first pilot stores in China back in June 2019, ALDI is committed to offering international quality products with everyday value to Chinese customers. ALDI has expanded steadily with the unveiling of 20 stores in Shanghai in two years. Aside from ALDI’s physical stores, customers can also shop through ALDI WeChat mini program, ALDI Tmall Classic, ELE.ME, Meituan, and JD Daojia, let more customers enjoy the wonderful experience of online shopping.

Store Information:

ALDI Dahua Tiger City Store ( Launch date: 25 September)

Address:1st floor, No.928 Zhenhua Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai

Opening hours: 08:00—22:00

ALDI Yanji Store ( Launch date: 1 October)

Address: 1st floor, No.235, Middle Yanji Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

Opening hours: 08:00—22:00