2020/9/30 11:20:21

ALDI is bringing Oktoberfest right to the doorsteps of Chinese consumers from 23 September to 13 October! As an international retailer with German roots, ALDI is well poised to create an authentic Oktoberfest experience so that consumers can enjoy the beer, food and great atmosphere without leaving Shanghai.

Oktoberfest is a widely celebrated festival that takes place in Germany from the end of September to mid-October each year. The festival originated in October 1810 to celebrate Bavarian crown prince’s wedding. Since October is also the month when barleys and hops are harvested, a huge festival was created where the everyone would come together to enjoy dancing and music, entertainment, local delicacies and beer. Fast forward to today, Oktoberfest is now a popular event, where people from around the world would travel to Germany to participate in this fun and vibrant celebration during this time of the year.

With Oktoberfest being cancelled this year due to the pandemic, ALDI is bringing the celebrations to China! Here at ALDI’s Oktoberfest, consumers can have a taste of the festival through authentic beer, food and atmosphere. Some of the must-haves at Oktoberfest include the mouth-watering German hot dogs, meatballs, pork knuckle, pretzels, and not forgetting the highlight of the event – beer!

To celebrate Oktoberfest, ALDI is offering special deals on selected items such as Karlskrone beer, roasted chicken, hot dogs and German style meatballs. Consumers can purchase these Oktoberfest-themed products at great value to kick start the party. From 30 Sept to 13 Oct, Customers can also get a free ALDI Oktoberfest gingerbread cookie for any purchase over RMB 109.

In addition, ALDI hosted an Oktoberfest event on 25 September and offered consumers an immersive experience of the festival, including beer, food and live performances!

ALDI Oktoberfest gingerbread cookie

ALDI has remained steadfast to one principle that has guided us since ALDI’s story began in Germany more than 100 years ago – that is providing international products to our customers at everyday value. All of the products from our exclusive brands are “Handpicked for you” by our very own team of quality experts and undergo regular in-house testing and independent laboratory analysis for transparent quality and safety assurance. On 26 September 2020 ALDI opened its 9th pilot store in Shimao District, Shanghai with even more special promotions, so keep an eye out for ALDI’s latest store opening!