2020/8/24 11:12:02

Love happens through serendipity

  The right person, the right taste, the right conversation

  Butterflies in your stomach

  You were on the 8:40am bus in a crisp white shirt

  When our eyes met

  It is as if my heart turned into a glass of sparkling, bubbly

  Claire Creek Sparkling Moscato

  Citrusy and sweet, with notes of oranges and pineapples


  I have been missing you

  I like to see you laugh

  or pretend to throw a little tantrum

  How can I describe you?

  Cremant de Bordeaux Rose

  Fruity and light

  Memorable, unforgettable

  The old fashioned way

  A good morning greeting

  The night light left on

  Weekends on the couch watching old movies

  Send me red roses

  As my beloved

  One rose

  You are the one

My darling

  I express my love differently

  Chocolates, snacks, biscuits

  As tokens of love in the purest manner

  Colorful, delicious, delightful

  I only want to share them with you

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