Quality Assurance

We take quality and safety seriously.

You can trust that every one of our products is of the highest quality possible. And it is all credit to our excellent quality assurance system, implemented by our team of ALDI experts and relevant stakeholders.

We apply a comprehensive and stringent structure for all exclusively branded products and regularly test random samples to confirm all requirements are met continuously and consistently.

All ALDI branded products are also examined by independent testing institutions in compliance with legal and ALDI standards. Only if all tests are passed successfully do our producers get the clearance to supply to us.

Organic Products

Stringent on product transparency.

Any product sold as organic at ALDI must be certified by international standards so our customers know that they are buying genuine organic products that can be fully traced back to the farms.

We already offer a range of organic products for customers who support organic methods of farming and hope to progressively make more organic products available in our stores moving forward.

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