Our Corporate Responsibility

Our commitment

At ALDI, we care about our customers, employees, communities and our role as a business, working every day to help create a better world to live in.

We want customers like you to love grocery shopping as much as we do. That’s why, we have made it a priority to listen to your suggestions, wants and needs so that we can provide the products and services you care about most.

It is our responsibility to make sure you can trust that the products you buy at ALDI have been grown, caught, or made with the greatest care and respect to the environment and the people involved in bringing them to you are treated with respect as well. Through our key pillars of corporate responsibility and core principles, we have made this sense of responsibility an integral part of our decision-making process and business operations.

We are devoted to upholding the highest level of integrity and professionalism; our ALDI Corporate Responsibility Principles lists the commitments we’ve made to the planet and its people, guiding the day-to-day actions of all our employees and business partners.

The ALDI CHINA Code of Conduct further defines our responsibilities as we each go about our day-to-day interactions. These are internal guidelines as well as external statements that speak a sort of our responsibility as a company.

Human Rights Policy Statement

Protection of human rights at ALDI SOUTH

As an international company with global supply chains, we are aware of our responsibility towards the protection of human rights. The ALDI SOUTH Group is certain that long-term business success can only be ensured if human rights are acknowledged and protected.

We believe that companies should be committed to respecting human rights and preventing human rights violations. Our commitment therefore encompasses our own business operations and our business relationships, as well as those indirectly caused by our actions.

The ALDI SOUTH Group respects all internationally recognised human rights. There are certain human rights aspects that are of increased relevance to us as a food retailer and vendor of non-food as our actions could have a stronger impact on these. These include discrimination, health and safety, freedom of association, remuneration, working hours, child labour and forced labour. We review our human rights impact, in particular our areas of focus, in cooperation with external experts.

Our Human Rights Policy Statement outlines our human rights due diligence process and future commitments.

“We are really pleased that the ALDI SOUTH Group has committed to publish a statement regarding respect for human rights. The continuous implementation of human rights due diligence processes in businesses' own operations and along the value chain is one of the core objectives of the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact and the United Nations Global Sustainability Goals.”

Marcel Engel, Executive Director, German Global Compact Network (DGCN)

Our Customers

We listen to what matters to you most.

Every day, ALDI sells thousands of products through our stores around the world, we are passionate about our products and we take responsibility for the products that we put in your homes.

We promise high quality products at great value. Guided by your needs, feedback and ideas, we design our select product range in a way that meets your everyday needs.

For us, quality extends from your safety, health and well-being through to the sustainability of our products.

The safety of our products is one of our core commitments to you and we work to ensure our safety and quality management policies and processes meet or exceed consumer legislation.

Our aim is to provide you with a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, which is why we work with our buyers and suppliers closely to improve the composition and nutritional profiles of our products while we also consider taste profiles.

We also strive to take into consideration every product’s lifecycle with the goal of continually reducing resource intensity and ecological impact. At the same time, we constantly aiming to improve our overall observance of every country’s unique social norms and expectations.

Lastly, we work to provide accurate and transparent information through clear product labelling and direct customer communications to help you to make informed choices with every purchase.

Supply Chain

We care about our partners and ethical processes.

Sustainable buying practices are essential for the long-term success of our business, and we are responsible for our global supply chains as well as for the resources used in the production of our products.

We aspire for all our products to be made in a sustainable way to minimize the negative ecological and social impact caused during production. We consider various environmental and social measures every step of the way, from production to packaging, to ensure that we are being responsible to the environment and communities we work in.

Supplier relations are the key to everything we do at ALDI. So, whether it is ensuring safe and fair working conditions, being committed to fair labour practices, making sure our suppliers and stakeholders are treated fairly or making sure our products are sustainably sourced, we put our suppliers first. We also articulate our principles of engagement and expectations clearly to all our suppliers, business partners and stakeholders to increase transparency throughout.

All in all, our long-term commitments are to establish and develop better social and environmental standards along our supply chain.


We believe our employees make all the difference.

Our employees are the key to our success. They define the ALDI business day after day, helping us to stand apart from our competitors.

ALDI CHINA is committed to be the employer of choice within the retail sector, attracting talented professionals who will further develop our brand in the global market. To make this happen, we have created an appealing, efficient and supportive work environment by being honest, fair, and responsible in everything we do.

It is our goal to provide our employees with opportunities to grow and develop, regardless of their origins, religion, ideology, age, gender, disability, or sexual orientation.

Ultimately, by recognising individual performance, as well as letting them share in the success of our business through attractive remuneration, we aim to build long-lasting working relationships that will support our employees throughout their lives.


We work to give back.

Being a smarter grocer means more than just providing high quality products at great value; it means building stronger communities and contributing to a better world.

We believe support should be based on the needs of each individual community, which can range from product and monetary donations to staff volunteering and collaborations with non-profit organizations.

We're also dedicated to funding and sponsoring local and regional initiatives that help to improve health and education, and support social and ecological causes with the aim of contributing towards sustainable development.


We are dedicated to our environment

We believe in acting with integrity and are dedicated to creating a positive impact in the environment. By aiming to minimize our ecological footprint and greenhouse gas emissions, we aspire towards becoming a climate-neutral company.

We have been working to
a) increase our levels of energy efficiency across the business
b) minimize the impact of our refrigerants on global warming
c) improve logistics efficiency
d) employ renewable energies
e) support various climate protection initiative

Guided by the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle, we wish to ultimately build a zero-waste business practice.